Engine Warranty

Engine Warranty Terms & Conditions

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    All care has been taken to ensure a smooth transaction between you our customer and Currumbin Wreckers.
    Our Engines have been tested in our workshop.

    Selling poor quality parts doesn't only UPSET you, it also harms our reputation.

    So all care is taken to ensure there are no complications.

    BUT they are second hand parts and engines, so things can go wrong (although they rarely do).

    Fitting Tips:
    We have been removing and replacing engines for years so don’t be afraid to ask QUESTIONS !
    1) Timing belt is easy to do while motor is out of car (ask our staff for a quote to have it fitted before delivery).
    2) Prime Engine Oil Before Starting !!! Disconnect coil and wind over engine with key to prime oil. This also helps bleed the Fuel System.
    3) Clean or replace radiator, check all hoses for cracks, too soft or too hard and for swelling. If you are unsure that your thermostat is working google how to check it or cut the center out.
    4) Check clutch and all clutch bearings before installing to save money and time before reinstalling .

    Items That Will Void Warranty:

    3 Month Warranty:
    All Engines sold come with a three month warranty, which is subject to the following terms and conditions:
    1) Engine must be fitted by a reputable workshop or mechanic. (Ask us about fitting.)
    2) Engine must have a New Timing Belt Fitted
    3) Must have new oil & oil filter fitted (10-30 mineral or semi synthetic) DO NOT USE 5W OR FULL SYNTHETIC OIL IN ENGINES
    4) Cooling system must be fully functioning - cleaned/flushed & radiator checked, any hoses that look perished or unserviceable be replaced. MOST IMPORTANTLY Thermostat been checked or replaced.

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    Please Contact Us if you have any questions.