Are you looking for a reliable car wreckers on the Gold Coast yard? Then you are in luck as Currumbin Wreckers are the best in the business for all things. Family-owned, they don’t only focus on car wrecking services they also have a huge range of  2nd hand parts for sale and provide towing services as well. Currumbin Wreckers are proud to be eco-friendly and prioritise the environment by recycling old parts and not just disposing of them in landfill. We pride ourselves on having a combined staff experience of over 100 years in car wrecking on the Gold Coast. Pop in and visit us, we guarantee you will not be disappointed and eventually become a lifelong customer.

Importance of car wreckers

Easy to sell

Car wreckers on the Gold Coast are increasingly becoming more popular as more and more car owners are turning to car wreckers when selling their old cars. This is partly due to the fact that there is much less hassle involved in the selling process, and nobody wants to bother going out of their way to face hurdles in just selling their car. Selling to car wreckers on the Gold Coast eliminates minor issues such as advertising your car and making sure it is in the right condition. Car wreckers on the Gold Coast generally quote a price for your car by the value of its weight of steel along with how many salvageable parts it contains.

Free vehicle disposal

In some cases, car owners only wish to get rid of their vehicle if it is so damaged that it is unfixable.  However, the challenge they face is paying to get their vehicles towed away, but this should not concern them as car wreckers on the Gold Coast like Currumbin Wreckers are more than delighted to offer free vehicle disposal. They will not even include the charges for removal in the price quoted for your vehicle. You have to call them, sit back, and watch them work while you get paid for selling your vehicle.

Buy scarce parts

Car manufacturing advancements have led to a mass shortage of necessary car parts for old vehicles. This issue is solved by car wreckers on the Gold Coast as they provide parts for any vehicle regardless of the make, model, or year. Therefore, if you have struggled to find parts for your car, don’t waste any more time scouring the web, Drop into Currumbin Wreckers.

Bottom line

Car wreckers are the easiest, most convenient and beneficial source to get rid of your car and even profit from its sale. In addition to that, if you are a car enthusiast and like to modify cars with parts that belong to different vehicles, then a car wreckers on the Gold Coast will be a candy shop for you. Lastly, it is all done with the environment kept in mind, and all old parts are recycled and not just left in the environment for toxic materials to dispose of and add to pollution. All around, everyone wins and benefits from car wreckers.