If you are searching for a new car, you should listen to your trusted Mechanic on the Gold Coast, it is important to complete your search and then bet on the best-reviewed one. If you are looking for a reliable yet inexpensive car, which isn’t only durable and eco-friendly and looks attractive, then a Subaru might be the best option for you. Here are five reasons why a Subaru is a dream come true for many car enthusiasts, especially those who like being practical.


It has been quoted that many competitors focus on the rear-seat DVD players and 11 cupholders in the car, but Subaru is a car with the main goal to be safe and reliable. Hence, their car is made with Boxer Enginers instead of V-shaped engines. This gives it a smooth ride with the vibrations being cancelled out. Moreover, the Subaru lasts longer than the other cars and any good Mechanic on the Gold Coast will agree it’s due to the boxer engine. Its reliability is assured because the Subaru is made with the best safety in mind, keeping the driver plus passengers always safe.

Economical and Affordable

The Subaru is one of the most economical and affordable cars available and a favourite choice of Currumbin Wreckers, your trusted mechanic on the Gold Coast. This is because the Subaru can start in the $20,000 range and as with every car there are many additions that can be made. This leads to a very affordable package for monthly payments, which is planned out simply. Hence, Sabaru is truly a great car that can be passed down for many generations.

They are Durable

The Subaru is durable, and it is known as the toughest car on the road. This is because it tends to be rugged, and it is built very well and made to stay for a long time. It is made with the best engine, transmitter, and best suspensions and brakes.

It is an All-wheel drive

The Subaru is a wheel drive, and it is symmetrical. This is not a unique idea, but the symmetrical all-wheel drive for sure is. Most cars are adapted to two-wheel drive, whereas the Subaru has a symmetrical AW and All-wheel drive. The power of the symmetrical AW is obtained from the boxer engine, which gives enough power to each wheel. This prevents slippage on the road, and the linear power flows to all wheels. Moreover, the lower centre of gravity can better control and make it well-balanced.

It is eco-friendly

The Subaru has been categorized as the eco-friendly cat because it is a programme that offers electric and hybrid vehicles. It also offers a partial zero-emissions vehicle certified legacy.

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In conclusion, the Subaru is one of the most classic yet inexpensive, reliable, durable and eco-friendly cars that can you purchase. It is very practical for those who mean business with their cars and tends to be durable for a long period, making it an attractive asset.