Have you ever wondered how immobile vehicles are moved around to where they need to be and how much of a challenging task it must be? Thanks to the brilliant invention of tow trucks, car owners can easily have their vehicle transported to a mechanical workshop and other places where required with ease and convenience. If you are interested in cars and are also a history buff, this article should add to your knowledge in both departments. Make sure to read the entire article to better understand where, how, and why tow trucks came into existence.

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A brief description

The tow truck has been around for many years and has been the saviour of many stranded car owners.  It is mostly used to move impounded vehicles or cars that are broken down and cannot move. It comes in handy during car accidents or when a vehicle is stuck on a particular surface and is used to bring it onto a drivable surface. In addition to that, these are most commonly used for bringing vehicles to the nearest repair shops by carrying the car on a flatbed. A tow truck is usually mistaken for a car carrier trailer, a truck vehicle that can carry multiple vehicles and is more commonly used to transport new vehicles.

Where it all began

Ernest Holmes designed and produced the first-ever tow truck, who quickly realised that pulleys, rope and manpower were not efficient enough to move an immobile vehicle. Due to his entrepreneurial spirit, he began perfecting his design by adding stabilising feet on each side of the truck for mass production to offer convenience to society. In 1919, he secured a patent for his invention and went on to produce thousands of tow trucks for the US army during World War II.

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Final thoughts

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