Buying a second-hand engine can certainly seem a great idea if you want to save money while seeking a cheaper solution and not perfect performance. However, getting such gear is easier said than done. Since you’re buying a used one, you can’t rule out the chances of receiving a bogus or suboptimal engine.

What ensues is the process of returning, exchanging, removing and installing the engine in your car which takes plenty of time and effort. Currumbin Wreckers gives you a team of proficient mechanics on the Gold Coast who ensure that you get a high-performance used engine.

We are the go-to car wreckers who can solve all the mechanical issues of your vehicle under one roof. And when it comes to second-hand engines, we ensure that our customers get the best deals. We also like to impart knowledge about choosing the right parts so our customers could choose nothing but the best.

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying A Second-Hand Engine:-

1# Engine’s Age & Mileage

The mileage of the engine determines its life quite largely. The more miles it has covered, the lesser it will cost. On average, an engine goes about 15,000 miles per year. If you divide the total number of miles by age, you can figure out how long the engine will last.

2# Testing Is A Must

You have to ensure that the engine is tested before buying. Now for this, you totally depend on the dealer and therefore, you have to choose a reliable one. Make sure that the seller can change the engine or offer a refund if something goes even with the tested engine.

3# Check The Compatibility

More often than not, one engine is compatible with different models of cars. However, you need to make sure that the used engine you’re buying is fit to work with your car. It may not necessarily look the same but it should play ball with the whole mechanism of your car. 

4# Warranty Or Not

Yes, the used engines do come with a warranty and there could be many things covered. So if your dealer is not offering you a warranty on the engine, don’t buy it. Also, if you’re getting it, check if there are some conditions to it.

Be sure that all the information is in writing and retain the receipt as long as you’re using the engine. 

5# Reliable Dealer

Thankfully, you can check the online testimonials and certifications on the website of dealer before choosing a dealer. However, please be thorough while doing it. Make sure that you choose a team of professionals who can get you exactly what you want.

Currumbin Wreckers have been giving reliable solutions to the people of South East Queensland for the last 25 years. We specialize in Subaru parts and are also a Capricorn preferred supplier. We are also a 20-year member of the Wreckers Network which gives us an upper hand in delivering the right parts at affordable prices.

Furthermore, we use Pinnacle, a dedicated inventory system that connects us with 200 other wrecking yards across Australia. We maintain transparency so customers don’t have a doubt about what they’re getting and feel 100% satisfied. Our commitment and integrity help us excel the expectations of our customers at every front.