Is it a good idea to sell my car to the wreckers?

It isn’t a new thing to think about whether you should or shouldn’t sell your car to car wreckers. Many people are always in the dilemma of wanting to give the car away or keep it until a better offer comes. There are many car lovers out there, but there are times when getting rid of your old rotten car is the best idea. You would want to do this after you buy a new car, and the old one is rotting in your garage and getting devalued daily. Hence, make sure you sell the old car to the gold coast car wreckers, as they would be your best option. This is mainly because there is hardly a chance that you would sell a damaged and old car at a good enough price. However, before deciding to sell or wreck a car, make sure there are a few things you keep in mind.

Things to keep in mind before making a decision

As mentioned above, before you decide to sell the car to a gold coast car wreckers or wreck it, make sure you consider the following things:

  • Make sure you try to calculate the maintenance expense of the old car and compare it with the actual value of the car.
  • If the current model of the car is outdated or old, then you probably won’t have a lot of use for it, and soon enough, it won’t even sell for a reasonable price, especially if it gets seriously damaged.
  • The car might not be very fuel-efficient and may be extremely costly.
  • The car might be having issues and would need continuous maintenance and fixing, which is also cost-consuming
  • The car might not fit your requirements and preferences anymore, e.g. it might be a car for a bachelor, but you might require a family car with a larger space.

Wrecking the car

If you plan on wrecking the car by selling it to a gold coast car wreckers, then here are the advantages that would follow:

  • If your car is already damaged, it is best to sell it to the gold coast car wreckers instead of fixing it for a high cost. If you own it, it’ll burn holes in your pockets. You would be relaxing from the continuous maintenance and the fixing of the car, which might cost even more than the actual cost of the car.
  • You can sell your old car to a gold coast car wreckers and get money. Professional auto wreckers tend to help you get rid of the car that might become a burden on your pockets. If you wreck it, you would be getting fast cash from the gold coast car wreckers, as they are certified car wreckers.

The Currumbin Wreckers is a family-owned and operated gold coast car wreckers. It is also a one-stop-shop for all things automotive, and they have about 100 years of experience in this industry.


Conclusively, you might be confused about whether to wreck your car or fix it. However, if your car is damaged and won’t sell at a good enough price, it is always best to go to the Currumbin Wreckers and get it wrecked. This way, you would be getting paid and promoting sustainability.